Bharat katyayan

Bharat Katyayan, a dedicated social worker and activist, has been at the forefront of social change since 2000. His journey began with a deep-seated desire to bring about positive change in society, leading to the inception of Reform India 1 in 2009. With a team of 21 passionate individuals, Bharat set out to transform villages across Uttar Pradesh and Haryana, focusing on awareness, self-motivation, child labor, and women's empowerment. His efforts gained significant momentum, particularly following the heart-wrenching Nirbhaya case in 2012, which saw Bharat and 17,000 youths advocating for justice and change. Disheartened by the political response, Bharat's resolve led him to establish a political party committed to actionable solutions over mere rhetoric, marking him as a prominent figure in Gurgaon's social landscape.